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Crosspath pixels owner


I am a Lagos, Nigeria based freelance photographer that takes great pride in capturing the true spirits at each moment as they happen with the raw intention of keeping the documentation alive forever which creates my obsession for the details in people’s personality and that of the subjects that I photograph; my concept and style is creative candid, natural and vibrant.

I understand that in order for me to capture the compelling, soul satisfying and beautiful images, I must create and fill into a relaxed environment which I accomplish by engaging in soft conversations, listening with my ears & camera, and most importantly, paying close attention to the smallest of details around me while shooting.

I love documenting new and recreating memories of living beings as well as the bond, connections, and relationships in families and nature at large which are why I specialize in portraits, weddings, events, and macro photography.

I truly look forward to meeting you as I promise to deliver the best of my service to suit your photography needs now and always.



O. Kayode Anuoluwapo (Crosspath)

+23481 0816 0838